Machine Learning In Medicine

The world of medicine is changing due to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. Fast improvement in computer science and availability of huge amount of data in the field of medicine makes machine learning system to tackle increasingly complex learning tasks, often with unbelievable success. The increasing focus of AI in medicine has led to someContinue reading “Machine Learning In Medicine”

Regularization in Neural Networks

Regularization in Neural Networks In Deep Learning it is necessary to reduce the complexity of model in order to avoid the problem of overfitting. Also, the model should be able to generalize well. This problem can be solve by using regularization techniques. Technically, overfitting harms the generalization. So, our primary goal is to solve theContinue reading “Regularization in Neural Networks”

YOLO : Real Time Object Detection

We sees an image and instantly know what objects are in the image and where they are unlike machines. The human visual system is fast and accurate. Every AI researcher is struggling to find an efficient method for real time object detection. In 2015 researchers from Allen institute for AI, University of Washington, and FacebookContinue reading “YOLO : Real Time Object Detection”

What is Transfer Learning in Deep Learning?

Convolutional Neural Network process an image and come up with detecting low-level features in images like edges, corners, etc. These layers are successful in capturing the spatial and temporal dependencies in an image. This is done with the help of filters. But to train the model using simple CNN, we required large amount of data.Continue reading “What is Transfer Learning in Deep Learning?”

Implementation of Convolutional Neural Network

Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is a class of Deep Learning, mainly use for Computer Vision. It is similar to artificial neural network, only difference is it uses convolutional mathematical linear operation instead of simple matrix multiplication in at-least one of its layer. Building a Convolutional Neural Network is nothing but building a human eye, howContinue reading “Implementation of Convolutional Neural Network”

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